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Lotus Elise Diary - February 2008

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25th February

With the fantastic weather we've been having, I've managed to get loads of miles in this month in my Fury R1. I've been experimenting with my in-car video systemRemote site to improve the image and audio quality before I get to do some trackdays. I tend to review the in-car video I take whilst out on the road. In part, this is to make sure I didn't do anything which looks a bit stupid with the benefit of some hindsight. With the microphone inside my helmet it's also quite easy to pick up the increase in my breathing rate (and presumably my heart rate) which starts before I've started the engine. Nearly twelve months on and this car still noticably scares me with its performance. Each time I step into the car, my body reacts like I've just stepped into the ring with Mike Tyson. It's one hell of an adrenaline rush and exactly why I built it but, (practicalities aside) this is why it will never be a car you can just jump into and go to the shops. Who wants to experience that every time they run out of milk?

Having thought about it, this is why my Lotus Elise S1 so perfectly filled its intended gap in the market and my own needs several years ago. It walked the fine line between what I've described above AND you just had to take it to the shops on a Sunday morning, making a 30 mile detour along the way. Less of an instant hit, but a car that lured you in and took you to a similar place, via a more subtle route. My Elise put a smile on my face every time I opened my garage door, but with the Fury I simply get more.

I think I've just justified to myself why I need an Elise on my drive, alongside the Fury. It's going to take some explaining to my wife though!

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