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Lotus Elise Diary - November 2007

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11th November

In this years EVO Magazine car of the year, the Lotus 2-11 comes a dissappointing 9th but, then I guess this is to be expected when a bunch of (mainly) old men drive a load of super cars in the rain and the 2-11 is the only one with no roof or windscreen!

28th November

Start doing some performance testing in the Fury but, the weather has got in the way really. I can't seem to get enough temperature into the tyres to get the levels of grip I've been used to, with the ambient temperature being so low. My first practice run, resulted in the best recorded 0-60mph time so far, at 4.8 seconds. I'm hoping to get at least a second off that in the spring.

30th November

Noble are working on their latest 'supercars' as reported by EVO MagazineRemote site and good luck to them. The range of super high performance cars on sale and under development has never been so good. Surely a sign that a recession is just around the corner :-).

I wish one of them would have the courage to make a truly beautiful car though, without so much thought to the aerodynamics and down force. It results in wedge-shaped cars that look very similar. Will we ever see a supercar produced that looks as beautiful as this Jaguar XK13:


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