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Lotus Elise Diary - July 2007

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22nd July

Awesome drive up to Orford, through Tunstall forest and around Snape. These are some of my favourite local roads and ones I used to frequent when I had my Lotus Elise. This the longest drive I've done in the car (1 hour and 10 minutes) and my bum was starting to ache, something that never happened in the Elise. I plan to have new seats in the car by the end of next month though.

Bought back some brilliant memories of the last time (October 1999) I was up here in my Elise. T494 JEX, where are you now?

25th July

EVO Magazine test drive the Lotus 2-Eleven and give it five stars as well. There has yet to be one review with a bad word to say about this car (bar the price), which makes me want to test drive one even more.

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