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Lotus Elise Diary - May 2007

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29th May

Bit of a mixed month really. Not much good weather in which to drive a roofless car :-(. This month has highlighted one major difference between Elise ownership and Fury ownership though. With a new Elise, I let the dealer sort out any running-in niggles and do the safety checks. With the Fury, I've had to be much more vigilant. The SVA test pass counts for nothing from a safety point of view. I've had to check the car from top to bottom, to ensure things are safe. I've found numerous things that had worked loose and needed adjustment. As would be expected with a car that has unique features and ideas implemented by myself, I've found a few things that also need to be improved and strengthened, a broken gear-shift arrangement being one of them. Following this period of sustained testing and improvement, the whole car feels more solid, usable and quieter though. Most importantly, every trip is still an event. I'm still amazed by the performance. The limiting factor really is my lack of skill and courage.

31st May

AutocarRemote site test drive the 2-Eleven and give it the full 5-stars.

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