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Lotus Elise Diary - March 2007

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16th March

Crikey, it's been a long old haul but the Fury R1Remote site is just about complete and I've had my first test drive on a local airfield :-) The surface was poor with lots of gravel on it and this was the first time I've driven the car. This was a test run to bed in the brakes and check for noises and leaks.

First impressions are difficult given the poor surface but the steering is quite light with good feedback. The quick rack is very noticable. After a decent number of runs to bed the brakes in, they were working very well. I need a clean surface and the opportunity to get some heat into the tyres but, first impressions are that the brakes will outperform those on my old Elise. They should do, given the money spent on them though! The fact that the car weighs about half that of an Elise also helps.

I've yet to really push the car hard and use all of the 11,500rpm rev range but the acceleration is simply brutal. I can see how this car should be capable of sub 3.5s to 60mph. I've got a bit more testing to do prior to the SVA test, which is now very close. Then it's time for the first track day and a proper assessment of the performance and handling. I'm pretty sure I haven't wasted the last 18 months spent in the garage.

5th March

My younger brother, Richard has just bought a pre-built Fury LeMans. It's much more road orientated, with doors, windscreen, a rather luxurious interior and a Ford Zetec powerplant. This makes it a trio of cars from the stable of Jeremy PhillipsRemote site in my family.

17th March

The Fisher Fury R1 is just about finished. I have a date for the SVA test and I hope to be on the road before the end of this month! It's been a long time coming and I'm as nervous as hell.

23rd March

My Fury R1Remote site passed its SVA test today. I'm well chuffed that this huge project has finally come to and end. Sort of.

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