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My Lotus Diary September 2003

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8th September 2003

Lotus have announced that the Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1.8 litre 4 cylinder 16-valve engine with Variable Valve Timing and Lift-Intelligent (VVTL-i) system has been chosen for the US federalised Elise. This will be mated to a six-speed gearbox and tuned by Lotus specifically for the U.S. Elise to produce around 190hp. This US Elise is due in about 9 months time. It's also confirmed that the US Elise is going to weigh around 900kg. To get some in-life experience of this engine and to reduce potential launch issues and associated legal problems in the US, Lotus Cars are going to offer the same engine in the new Exige S2, due to be launched at the Geneva motorshow in 2004.

30th September 2003

PistonheadsRemote sitefeatures a story about a new 2.0 K-series engine with 220bhp. This is very interesting news and has surprised a lot of people including myself. The 1.8 K-series is bored out from 1.4 litres, about as far as it can go. Extra capacity is acheived by using figure-of-8 liners to squeeze the cyclinders closer together. More information on the Engine Developments web siteRemote site.

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