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My Lotus Diary July 2002

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8th July 2002

Spent a couple of weeks on holiday in Cornwall. Saw just one Elise S1 over the whole period.

Finally bought a Race Technology AP-22Remote site with my brothers so expect some boring statistics on car performance. The main reason for buying it was to prove that my Subaru is actually running faster on Shell Optimax. Initially, it made the engine run smoother but offered no real performance or fuel consumption gain but after several tankfuls the car feels quicker and fuel consumption is 7-8% better. The AP-22 is to prove that the perceived performance gain is not all in my head. I'm also curious to see how my Rover 200vi compares to a standard Elise S1 so if you got a plot, I'd appreciate it.

24th July 2002

My AP-22Remote site finally arrived. Not had much chance to set it up or experiment but my first run in the Rover 200vi resulted in lots of tyre smoke and lots of noise. Managed 0-60 in 7.7 seconds and hope to get this down to about the 7.2s mark with some practice. Also set a benchmark of a lateral 0.87g on my favourite roundabout. The AP-22 is tiny and very well made.

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