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My Owners Diary June 1999

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1st June 1999

Had a Peugeot 406 hire car for two days. It's got less comfortable seats than my Elise. Horrendous car to drive. Still no courtesy car so phoned Long Stratton. Work starts on my car early next week and it may now take up to eight weeks to fix! This is not what I wanted to hear.

10th June 1999

Finally got a courtesy car from Eagle Star Direct. It's only taken 36 days! A Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 in silver (like my Elise) and only 10 miles on the clock. It needs a bigger rubber band but at least it's got 'Lotus tuned suspension'. Like you can notice!

28th June 1999

Some good news at last! My car is complete bar the rear clamshell which should arrive with Long Stratton on the 7th July. It will then go up to the factory to have the suspension set up and I should get it back around about the 12th July. My insurance company have even agreed to let me keep the hire car till then.

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