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S2 Suspension


Have a look at the S1 section as a lot of the comments apply to the S2 Elise. NitronRemote site are well known for their suspension upgrades on the Elise and they are definately the upgrade of choice. I'll admit that I'm biased though. I've got Nitron springs and dampers on my Fisher FuryRemote site.

August 2002

Lotus are currently preparing a sports suspension/Yoko A048R tyre and wheel package for the S2 which aims to increase grip to a huge extent in both the wet and the dry and move the balance slightly more towards oversteer than the standard set-up. Ride height will be reduced by just 10mm at both ends to avoid problems with speed bumps etc. The Elise S1 had double wishbones with single coil springs over monotube dampers all round. The same set up was carried over to the Elise S2 but spring rates were increased (35Nm-1 on the front springs and 50 Nm-1 at the rear), and Bilstein high pressure monotube dampers replace those used in the S1. As is typical for a Lotus, hundreds of hours of development driving to fine-tune the set-up have led to improved handling performance and ride quality. Roll rates are slower than before, making the Elise S2 more agile, yet more composed and stable through corners, and less pitch sensitive than the S1.

There were plenty of suspension upgrades for the Elise S1 but I am not aware of any for the S2 yet. Lotus themselves have yet to announce a Sports suspension package though it does appear as an option in their first brochure.

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