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Elise S2 Lighting


The S2 headlight are a sealed unit and will not suffer from dirt intrusion though some condensation may occur. Bulb replacement requires the three wing-head bolts under the wheel arch to be undone, to allow the light assembly to be removed and access to the bulbs. The bulb types are: main beam H7, dipped beam H1 and driving lights H3.

Headlight Alignment

When you travel abroad you need to adjust the beam pattern for driving on the left. This can be difficult on the Elise, especially when headlight covers are fitted. The following on-line guideRemote site describes the process and reasons for making these changes.

Rear Lights

For legislative reasons the rear lights do not operate entirely as expected and not all lighting segments are used. By buying and fixing additional bulb holders to the light panels, the rear lights can be modified to operate more effectively and look better. The light units are ready to accept these without modification but additional wiring is required. The rear light segment usage is shown below:

This show one segment not used at all and it is easy to modify the wiring to get both 'rings' operating as normal rear lights.

Driving Lights

The optional driving lights on the S2 are small, sealed beam units but in certain European countries the older S1 lights are fitted to meet local regulations.


The list of bulbs used in the S2 is as follows:
  • Headlights Main H7 55W
  • Headlight Dip H1 55W
  • Driving Lamps H3 55W
  • Front Side lamps W5W 5W
  • Side Repeaters W5W Amber 5W
  • Front Indicators PY21W Amber 21W
  • Rear Indicators H21 21W
  • Stop/Tail P21/4W 4/21W
  • Tail R5W 5W
  • High Mount Stop 16xLED 2.5W
  • Fog/Tail P21/4W 4/21W
  • Reversing H21 21W
  • Licence Plate C5W 5W
  • Interior W5W 5W

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