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S2 Air Filters

There are lots of claims for the various after market air filters but the simple truth is that an air filter alone will not give you huge power increases in the Elise S2. Some offer improved engine noise through induction roar. Some owners have noticed dramatic increases in fuel consumption. The standard air filter and ducting is designed to suck cool air through the air vent on the side of the car. Air filters that sit within the engine bay (and have no ducting from the outside vent) are liable to pull in air heated by the engine and this will actually decrease the engine performance.


ITGSell a replacement 'Pro Filter' panel filter for the Elise which sits in the standard airbox. The filter offers improved air flow and extended lifetime. This will not really improve the performance or noise of the engine.
K&NThe ever popular 57i filter is cheap and a popular choice for Elise owners but, without an adequate ducting an good positioning, tests have shown lowered performance due to warm air getting into the filter. Nice induction noise but not really a good idea for the Elise.
Lotus CarsAs part of the stage II upgrade package an airbox and filter have been developed. There is no pricing on the parts in isolation yet.
Power Train ProjectsJointly developed between ITG and PTP, this air box induction kit for the S2 Elise is now available at £299.00 + VAT. Graphs on their web site show an increase of 8.2bhp and the kit has a lifetime warranty. Each kit comes complete with a carbon air box, intake ducting, performance air filter, unique anodised mounting plate and easy to follow fitting instructions. This is a popular piece of kit due to the performance claims being backed up by testing and good user feedback. Included at a lower cost as part of the PTP140 upgrade package.
Tuning ConceptSell the 'Hurricane' induction kit for 245€ inc. taxes + P&P. Developed specifically for the Elise using high-tech flow simulators. Includes an adapter for the side air vent. Good feedback from users and some tests to back up the claims on the web site.

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