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Elise S1 Horns

Not quite as invisible as a stealth bomber but most owners have had at least one scary experience in their Elise, due to appearing invisible to other road users. Twice, I have had to take evasive action to avoid being run over by the trailer wheels of a lorry. Bright colours don't seem to help much but, a decently loud horn will.

The standard Elise S1 wiring uses a relay to switch the horn and a 7.5amp in-line fuse so you should be able to drive higher output horns without resorting to additional wiring and a higher power relay. Air horns can pretty much be ruled out as the are too big (and too heavy). The best upgrade I've found so far is the B133 Hella Twin Supertone horn (part no. 3AG 003 399 - 801) which come with the uprated relay and provides 300Hz and 500Hz horns, each rated at about 75W. Hella also sell these horns individually in 12V and 24V versions.

Suppliers for this include Edworthy's Auto ElectricsRemote site (£73) but these parts are much cheaper when sourced from the USA.

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